Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year thoughts

I have been spending some time thinking through my goals for the year. Even goals for the next 5 years. Normally, in years past I have those thoughts in my head and never take time to write them down. It seems that there is value in doing this process and then referring to it in black and white seems to help me keep on track.
This year I have been continuing my quest for learning how to use the computer more. I even tried facebook and now blogging. I have enjoyed looking at other family blog spots. It has reminded me of how important it is to stay in touch and that relationships are what God thinks are important during this life time. It is so encouraging to see how God is interacting in peoples lives. We are not the only people that God is working on. It may feel like that at times! Last year I decided to take 6 months and read straight through my Bible. It isn't like I haven't done that before or read it several times among all the studies or classes I have taken; but, this was a new experience for me to read it and see how it fits together throughout history from God's point of view. I have never before been excited to see how the geneologies work either. I made some really interesting discoveries. We had a good sermon Sunday that reminded us to be in God's word continually not whenever. I have been doing those read this and then read that devotion for a couple of weeks and decide that wasn't very satisfying. Does anyone else just drift for a while on the previous knowledge we have about God and forget that he is waiting to be talking to us about new things? Maturity can sometimes be slow. Anyway I started another read through a few days ago. I love having this goal. It keeps me focused and again I am finding more interesting things. It really doesn't matter how many years you know the Lord, because his word is supernatural and we learn truth over and over again. I know others have found that to be true. Besides that goal for me spiritually, I have added others in other areas. For me, weight has been an issue since about 5 years after my last child was born. It will always be so, I think. Since, September I have not only decided to eat healthy and that includes some sweets some of the time, I have made sure that I do the walking and exercising that I need. Mostly, I don't like life to be about me but if I want to achieve good health, I suppose others will have to understand when I walk circles in their livingrooms and do those old fashioned exercises on the floor while they visit. It is too important to put to the side. Right now we do alot of traveling with the ministry. People will have to understand if I don't eat their food. That one is a hard one for me. Most people won't think I am too crazy and hopefully not rude. I have been busy with regular household chores, working at my desk, and helping Rick. Most of you know, I like to cook so I try to entertain when we are at home. I am so previledged to have so much time with my husband. I travel with him whenever I can. When he goes to men's retreats or midwinter ministerials like this month, then I go visit the grandkids. They live a ways away and I am determined not to be just a picture on the wall. I love my kids and grandkids and life is about them for me mostly. Family is important. We get together whenever we can. I am blessed to have the three girls married with great husbands. This day and age, that doesn't always happen. Our son has a great ministry to at risk youth and someday, according to my prayers, he will find a godly young women who will fit in just right with our family, too. Grandkids are such a joy. It is amazing to see their little "faults" be the same as their parents were when they were kids. I can excuse them and yet have to tell them the trueth. Don't you hate to have to correct those little ones. Only for their good of course. There is so much praying to be done for all of the kids and their children. You think when your kids get married that they are on their way only to find out you need to pray even more as God has given me 3 sons by marriage and grandkids too. I count it all joy though. I am proud of all of them. They are all learning. I appreciate it when they share things in their lives, little moments and big ones. Like, Erin calling me the other day and flushing the stool. They haven't had a flushing toilet for years. I did a whoohoo dance. Something you probably don't want to see. The name nana billie came from a little girl Devin that I took care of in TX from the time she was about 6 weeks old. She really is a part of our family. We miss her alot. She started early on calling me her nana. When me grandkids came along they picked up the title. It is a special one to have.
Well, I suppose I have typed enough. Just wanted to encourage you all to stay in the word. Nana Billie Oh, my goal regarding weight is to be able to someday write on here that I am out of the obese catagory.


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing. You have some good thoughts.

Susan said...

I appreciated you sharing with me when we were in the Cities about the geaology. You are a good teacher. Thanks for sharing here as well.