Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip to AZ 2008

This is the beginning of the Arizona vacation. We had the best accomadations in town at the folks RV Park. Best food, walking, swimming, and company of course. We drove over to see Jim and Audrey Gilbert, friends of ours from when we lived in TX.

We celebrated valentines day with the folks and their friends. There was always a band at the community events. As you can see I have a hungarian friend who helped me with the two step. We had pancake breakfasts. Donuts and coffee were served another morning and if that isn't enough you can go to the rv park next door and have breakfasts there too.

When we were not dancing, swimming, playing games, hiking, visiting friends, we were eating at great places. We enjoyed a place called Tortilla flats. We went to a flea market too. Saw lots of cactus. I wasn't real fond of that but the folks say they all blossom out and it is pretty. Lots of fun. I wanted to post more pictures but it would only let me put 5 on so I am going to go to the facebook and make a folder of the vacation and my last two stays with the grandkids.


Stacie said...

Looks like a fun trip! Hopefully we can head down one of these days. On the only 5 pics thing--it only lets you load 5 at a time but you can go back and load another 5 after that and so on and so forth. Hope that helps!

Susan said...

So glad you updated your blog and posted pictures!! Looks like you had a wonderful time, I went on facebook and looked at all those. The kids are changing so much. So fun!!

Drifters said...

Enjoyed seeing the picture's. So glad you enjoyed your time here. We sure enjoyed having you and the time went too fast.

Dawn said...

How fun to see all the pics. Sounds like a fun trip. One day I will have to try and make it myself.

Thanks for sharing.